PTA Supports Theme Day Trip to Liberty Science Center

All-School Trip to Liberty Science Center

Paid for by the Woodside PTA

Theme Day is a day each year where our students are immersed in hands on learning experiences that go beyond daily instruction in exciting ways. The Woodside PTA funds this very special day for our school community.

This year, the PTA will be providing our students with a field trip to The Liberty Science Center.  Our teachers have been working to plan and prepare for an educational and fun day for all! Prior to our visit, our classes will learn about the exhibits that they will be visiting and participating in activities to prepare them for the learning that will take place when we visit the museum. On the day of our trip, each class will travel with their teacher(s) and our staff members throughout the museum while they explore specific exhibits and participate in hands on activities related to the exhibits.

In addition to an itinerary designed specifically for their grade level, all students will be visiting a very special exhibit called Mythbusters: The Explosive Exhibition. From Astrophysics to Zoology, from Ethnobotany to MythBusting, all scientists have one major practice in common when it comes to experimentation and exploration – the Scientific Method. Students will have the chance try the Mythbusters’ unique “Put it to the Test” methodology for themselves!

As an added bonus, all students will be visiting Liberty Science Center’s famous IMAX Theater to see Dream Big: Engineering Our World. It will transform how our students will think about engineering. Dream Big celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small, and reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people around the world.

Specific details regarding the date of this trip, snacks, lunches and other important items were emailed to all families from Woodside Avenue School (and sent home in backpacks) at the end of February.  Make sure you read through this information carefully.